Milwaukee 2 Madrid/ World Youth Day 2011 – prayers requested.

"Milwaukee 2 Madrid" World Youth Day 2011 ©, 2011

Hello everybody. As you all know, World Youth Day 2011 is almost here (August 16-21). The group from Milwaukee (Milwaukee 2 Madrid) set out yesterday. I meant to post with prayers for their safety just as they were setting off yesterday however, at the time of their departure, I was serving the 11 A.M. Mass at Holy Hill, and after that, I was just to darned tired to post (Tuesday’s post on St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross was 1,181 words). 

So today I am posting, and requesting prayers for “Milwaukee 2 Madrid.” Please pray that they will have a safe trip, and that they will be spiritually nourished in mind and soul. As mentioned above, they departed Wednesday. Prior to World Youth Day, they will be visiting Lourdes, on pilgrimage; then it is on to see the Holy Father, in Spain!!!!! Please pray that all goes well and they (and the expected 700,000 pilgrims) come back spiritually strengthened.  If you wish to follow “Milwaukee 2 Madrid,” on this ecclesiastical excursion, Click Here to follow their blog. Again, FOLLOW and PRAY!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I would love to be with them, on this trip–of-a-lifetime; alas, someday in the future. Several of my “Admirable Men of the Cloth and Collar” are on this pilgrimage: Fr. Michael Berry O.C.D., Deacon Ryan Pruess, and Fr. Don Brick O.C.D. (my Spiritual Director) are in their ranks. Over the past several months, as I have watched them prepare for this journey, I have witnessed their excitement grow. Knowing the long hours of travel, sleepless nights, and tight traveling quarters that await them, I imagine their apprehension might have grown as well. They promised to carry our intentions and prayer requests with them; let us in turn offer our prayers for them.

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