Rejoice, O Sorrowful Mother; after your great sufferings, you shine forth as Queen, enthroned beside your Son.

Our Lady of Sorrows - Pray for Us!!! ©, 2011

Hello everybody; happy feast to all. Today, we celebrate the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. This Memorial can be traced back to the Fourteenth Century, when it commemorated the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady (The Prophesy of Simeon, The Flight into Egypt, The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem, The Meeting of Jesus and Mary on the Way of the Cross, The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, The dead Body of Jesus is placed in the arms of His Mother, and the Burial of Jesus). At that time, this Memorial was celebrated on the Friday before Palm Sunday – a very fitting day considering Mother Mary’s role in the Passion of Our Lord. Now in modern times, the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows is celebrated on the day after the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross (which we celebrated yesterday) – indeed, today is still a very fitting day to celebrate the Mother of Sorrows.

The Virgin Mary is the Mother most Loving, Mother most Strong, Mother most Pure, Mother most Humble and Mother most Joyful, however she is also the Mother most Sorrowful – for she is the Mother of God. As Mother of Jesus Christ – her (and our) Creator – the Virgin Mary is His most perfect, most amiable disciple; for wherever Christ, her Lord and Son led, she most humbly followed – even unto His Passion.  Our Lord Jesus Christ lived a life of perfect joy, happiness, and sorrow – for, at the same time He was both fully God and fully Man – one like us in all things but sin. Being fully human, Christ shared completely in our human pain; we can most certainly imagine the Boy Jesus hitting His thumb with a hammer and crying for His Mother – to such adorable cries, the Virgin Mary would always come running to His side. Indeed, Mary also would be at Jesus’ side for much more grave matters – most notably His Passion and Death on the Cross. So, we can come to the conclusion that being her Son’s most perfect disciple, the Virgin Mary could not possibly refrain from sharing in the most painful and sorrowful Redeeming Mission of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mary – Mother most Sorrowful – is also our Mother; for Christ, while dying on the Cross, gave her as a Mother to all of Humanity. Therefore, as we see the Virgin Mary at her dying Son’s side, offering herself with Him in sacrifice for sin, how can we (her children) do no less? Indeed, we too ought to daily offer ourselves as spiritual sacrifices – in communion with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – for the reparation of sin and conversion of the whole world.

So today, on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, let us comfort her Immaculate, Grieving Heart by pledging to be faithful children of her Son, Jesus Christ – never again abandoning Him or His Holy Catholic Church on Earth.

  Let us console Our Lady of Sorrows with the following words:

  Stabat Mater Dolorosa – English Translation

At the cross, her station keeping,

stood the mournful mother weeping,

close to Jesus to the last.


Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,

all His bitter anguish bearing,

now at length the sword has passed.


Oh, how sad and sore distressed

was that mother highly blessed

of the sole begotten One!


Christ above in torment hangs,

she beneath beholds the pangs

of her dying glorious Son.


Is there one who would not weep,

whelmed in miseries so deep,

Christ’s dear mother to behold?


Can the human heart refrain

from partaking in her pain

in that mother’s pain untold?


Bruised, derided, cursed, defiled,

she beheld her tender Child,

all with bloody scourges rent.


For the sins of His own nation

saw Him hang in desolation

till His spirit forth he sent.


O sweet mother! font of love,

touch my spirit from above,

make my heart with thine accord.


Make me feel as thou hast felt;

make my soul to glow and melt

with the love of Christ, my Lord.


Holy mother, pierce me through,

in my heart each wound renew

of my Savior crucified.


Let me share with thee His pain,

who for all my sins was slain,

who for me in torment died.


Let me mingle tears with thee,

mourning Him who mourned for me,

all the days that I may live.


By the cross with thee to stay,

there with thee to weep and pray,

is all I ask of thee to give.


Virgin of all virgins blest!

Listen to my fond request:

let me share thy grief divine.


Let me to my latest breath,

in my body bear the death

of that dying Son of thine.


Wounded with His every wound,

steep my soul till it has swooned

in His very blood away.


Be to me, O Virgin, nigh,

lest in flames I burn and die,

in His awful judgment day.

Christ, when you shall call me hence,

be Thine mother my defense,

be Thy cross my victory.


While my body here decays,

may my soul Thine goodness praise,

safe in Heaven eternally.

Amen. (In Easter Time Alleluia.)

– Prayer Taken from Handbook of Prayers Rev. James Socias Gen. Ed.      P. 475-477

 Thank you for praying with me, and don’t forget to offer little acts of consoling love to our Sorrowful Blessed Mother on this, her special day.

Our Lady of Sorrows – Please Pray for Us!!!

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  1. John Bender says:

    Hi Ken!
    Happy feast to you as well! Thanks so much for your blogposts. Every single one is outstanding. You are an inspiration to me and I’m sure so many others who are discerning priesthood. Keep the posts coming because we all love them!


    • KJ JMJ says:


      Thank you so much for the kind comment. I will continue to pary for you and all who are discerning a call to the Priesthood – please contiue to do so for me as well. With the help of God and His most holy Mother, I will do my ardent best to keep the posts comming. May God Bless You !!!


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