Personal Reflections on St. Teresa of Avila (Day 2)

St. Teresa - The Holy Mother of the Discalced Carmel ©, 2011

Hello everyone. Today, I will be posting “Day 2” in my mini-three-day retreat on St. Teresa of Avila.

Today’s Theme: “ Persevere in Prayer”

Those who do not receive these consolations may feel a despondency that is uncalled for, since perfection does not consist in consolation but in greater love; our reward will be in proportion to this, and to the justice and sincerity of our actions.

                              – The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila P. 63

Today’s Reflection:

How often do we pray and pray, yet the Lord doesn’t seem to listen or understand? We know He hears every prayer and answers them all according to His Adorable Will, yet His Will is sometimes hard to bear. During these times we must not abandon God nor become, as St. Teresa says: “Sour Faced Saints.” Rather, we must grow in Love and manifest Love in sincere acts of charity. Only if we persist in prayer and act with sincerity and love will we hear those gracious words from Our Lord: Well done, my good and faithful servant…Come, share thy masters joy (Mt. 25: 23).

Today’s Prayer:

O Lord, help Thy weak children! Aid us, who so often become despondent and abandon Thee. Strengthen our feeble wills. Lord, grant unto us perseverance in prayer in sincerity in our actions. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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