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 Hello everyone, now I’m sure I have you scratching your heads (“what in the world is he writing about this time?”) As the title implies, I took down a tree. Actually, my Dad did all the cutting and shoving – I merely followed directions, got in the way, and stood back and laughed when the chainsaw wouldn’t start. This event would be perfectly uninteresting had the tree, on it’s way down, not left a hole in the siding on the garage, and perfectly unblogable if not looked at in the eyes of faith.

Below are a few of things in common with taking down a rotten tree and our Roman Catholic Faith.

  •  To fell a tree, it takes muscle, brains and common sense (in this case my Dad on the first two, Mom on the last virtue). The motto of the Discalced Carmelites is: “With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of Hosts.” Today, amidst our pagan, lukewarm and apathetic society, we – the zealous, faithful remnant do exist. However, we must remember to always temper our actions with the wisdom and common sense of the Teaching Office of the Catholic Church (the Magisterium). We are all called to be saints, but sometimes it is hard to remember that we are not all called to purge the temple of the money-changers nor like the “Sons of Thunder” are we called to beg the Lord “to call down fire from Heaven to consume them (Luke 9:54b).”


  • “You can tell a tree from it’s fruit” goes the old saying. Well, in our case the tree did not have fruit, but the bark would peel off in the slightest breeze. Likewise, sin is ugly and rotting, rotting through the bark (or perhaps through the soul might be a more appropriate phrase). While most trees can stand to lose a little bark, and most souls survive with a little sin, why would one want to? The tree did not have a choice to live in it’s weakened state, but we do. How healing is the Sacrament of Confession!


  •   “You know not the day nor the hour”…  and this thief in the night (mid-afternoon) had a chainsaw. We must all live in such a way that we are ready to meet our Creator. After all, when the tree woke up this morning, it certainly did not have “cut down” on it’s “to do list.” It rolled and now we have to replace the siding on the garage. Praise the Lord that the entire rotten thing did not come down completely on the house. What would have happened then, I would rather not imagine.

   May God Bless you and remember that “Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the ‘wood’ of His cross, our salvation has been wrought.”

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Hello. My name is Ken. I have been discerning the Call for quite a long time, since I was knee high and my Grandpa took me to Holy Hill. I am particularly discerning a vocation as a Discalced Carmelite Friar. I hope this blog offers some assistance to you in discerning your own vocation. Please visit this blog often and journey with me as we all discover the call that God has given to each us.
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  1. Anne says:

    Excellent post, Kenny! I enjoy your creativity in comparing a tree to our faith life!

  2. Max says:

    Ha! I love it!

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