March for Life 2012 – Look Who’s Talking?

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 Ok, did you hear the big news? On Monday, nearly half a million protesters rallied on the National Mall and then proceeded to march down Constitution Avenue to the United States Supreme Court. Throughout the rally, several prominent Congress men and women spoke to the protesters. During the march itself there was a striking absence of: arrests, pepper spray, or protesters goading on police; in fact all that the U.S. Marshals had to do was stand back and direct traffic. A crowd of people a mile long and nearly half a million strong, exercised their right to peacefully protest – and indeed a historically peaceful protest.

Pro-lifers converge on Washington D.C. to Protest Roe vs. Wade - Photo courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

 Wow! You may say, this happened Monday? I never heard about it. Well, unless you were watching C-Span or EWTN, you certainly were not going to see any coverage on this astonishing event. And before you scan NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN for more information, let me give you a word of advice – don’t bother. That’s because this protest was none other than the annual March for Life. Almost half a million pro-lifers turned out to protest the 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox clergy were seen praying on the same stage along with Protestant pastors and preachers. Despite the record turn out amid downpours of icy rain, despite speeches made by Speaker of the House John Boehner and other renowned Representatives, and despite the universally peaceful attitude of this protest, there was once again, a media black-out. That’s right, despite all of this, when you turned on the news this Monday, the stories you probably saw were as pressing as: “new studies show that snack wraps aren’t as healthy as we once thought them to be,” or “Why Oprah is confident in Obama’s re-election,” or “What Lady Gaga forgot to wear – today.” Absolutely Absurd!

 What a contrast. Consider that this past summer, when a couple of thousand people descended upon Wall St., dressed in…., banging on pots and pans, posturing for photo opts, haranguing, setting up camp in NYC and trying to entangle the police force. Recall these “citizens” managed to bring the civilized world to a stand still for weeks. So, if we are able to go gaga (pardon the pun) over: “We are the 99%;” why is no one there to pick up on: “Hey Obama, your mama chose LIFE!” I am left dumbstruck.

"On Wisconsin!" The Pro-Life Youth of our great state - Photo courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

 Why this media black-out? Well, the only conclusion I can reach is the one Fr. Rocky, Executive Director of Relevant Radio, stated: “those media outlets are not interested in the truth!” Perhaps it is the only honest conclusion one can draw from all this. The March for Life is annually the most under reported and misrepresented event on our national horizon. Just look at the Washington Post and the New York Times. When they finally managed to eek out an article, it’s dozens or hundreds of “anti-abortionists” – not half a million pro-lifers – clogging the streets of Washington D.C. These articles are accompanied by photos distorted to show that the numbers of those who call themselves “pro-choice” are equal to the numbers of the pro-lifers. Either that or the photo section is full of pictures of angry-appearing old nuns “threatening” poor young women and their right to “choose.” It could not be further from the truth and undistorted photographic evidence exists. Just look at these photos courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin.

 You know in His passion, when Jesus, all bloody and scourged, stood before Pilate professing to be the Truth, Pilate contemptuously answered Him: “What is Truth ( John 18:38b).”  Whenever I hear this passage, I recall these courageous pro-lifers, who year after year come in increasing numbers to witness to the Holocaust of Abortion, while the main-stream media scornfully spits “What is Truth” in their faces and refuses to offer unbiased coverage of the event.

The Crowds stretched for miles - Photo courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

 To those stalwart souls whose witness remains invisible to the main stream media, I offer my admiration and prayers. God sees your effort and knows the depth of your sacrifice. Someday the truth will be manifest. To those media “professionals” who would rather peddle misconceptions and blatant lies, the best I can offer are the words of Jesus Christ:

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).

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