“Oh, how sad and sore distressed….” (Posted a day late)


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 Yes, I know all of you who checked into my blog yesterday were disappointed upon not finding my usual Saturday post, dedicated to the Blessed Mother. I do apologize, I was on my Confirmation retreat all day yesterday and I was just simply unable to get anything posted.

 One of the lectures in yesterday’s retreat was on Marian Devotion and it’s integral role in our Catholic Faith. Rather than detracting from God any of the glory due only to Him, as some Protestants and even some confused Catholics would reason, Marian devotion builds up the Mystical Body of Christ. Mary does not “take our prayers for herself.” No! Rather she is a kind of “magnifying glass.” With her Immaculate Heart, she magnifies our prayers of adoration, intercession, petition and thanksgiving before presenting them to Our Lord with her unblemished hands.

 Because Mary is a human person, like us, she needed a Divine Person to do what finite humans could not do – One who would wrought Eternal Salvation. That Divine Person, Jesus Christ, chose to become Incarnate in Mary’s womb. He, the infinite God, paid our infinite debt of sin by suffering His Passion and dying on the Cross.

 This week, we celebrate Holy Week and we remember the events that transpired nearly 2,000 years ago as Our Lord Suffered His Passion and death. As we enter into Holy Week, on this Palm Sunday, let us enter into Our Lord’s Passion through the eyes of His afflicted Mother.

“Oh, how sad and sore distressed

was that mother highly blessed

of the sole begotten One!”

Stabat Mater Dolorosa Stanza 3

 Mary His mother, Mary your mother is sad and sorely distressed. She sees her Son striped, scourged, mocked, spat upon, cursed at, beaten and finally crucified. However, these alone are not all that tear at Mary’s Sorrowful Heart. Just as painful for her to witness is her Son’s abandonment. For three years now Jesus has been bringing the “Good News.” For three years, He has been bringing Faith to the doubtful, Hope to the weary, Love to the forgotten and Joy to the sorrowing. In the process, Jesus has gathered a following of thousands. Why just this Sunday all of Jerusalem welcomed Him with palms and shouts of “Hosanna.” Yet merely six days later, on Good Friday, the resounding cries are not “Blessed is the Son of David,” but “Crucify Him.” They have abandon Him. Even His chosen Twelve are gone. Judas the Iscariot betrayed Him and Simon Peter denied ever knowing Him. Only John and Mary remain at hand. Everyone else has abandon Him.

 Mary looks at you, with eyes swollen with tears. Her gaze esquires: “will you too abandon my Son.” Every time we sin, no matter how small, we do just that. Therefore, let us strive to never forget the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

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