“O Mother Dearest.”

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 Hello everyone. Wow, it truly has been that long since I posted a Marian composition on Saturday. Well please forgive me then if I fumble on this post a bit – I’m just a little out of practice and I’m trying to find my footing again. Anyways, today is the First Saturday of May – the month dedicated to Holy Mary. What a perfect day to get back on track.

 Marian devotion is pivotal to us as Catholics. It is also, unfortunately, often misunderstood and mistaught not only by members of other denominations but even amongst Catholics themselves. Mary leads to us Christ and protects, guides and strengthens us on our Journey to the Eternal Father. Having a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother means having a deep love for Jesus Christ. Recall, Mary’s soul “Magnifies the Lord (Luke 1:46b).” Yet, sadly, Marian devotion is all too often mistaken for idolatry by those who suffer from ignorance or malicious desires against Christ and His Church. When these misconceptions are promulgated, the effect is disastrous – mass exodus away from Truth and the Mystical Body of Christ.

 In light of the dire consequents of misunderstanding Marian devotion, allow me to briefly try to clean up two major misconceptions most people have regarding devotion to our Blessed Mother.

  1.  Marian devotion is idolatry. Marian devotion is not idolatry. We Catholics do not worship Mary. If we did, that would be a grave sin. No, we love her deeply and regard her highly as the Mother of God. However, we give supreme worship, adoration, thanksgiving, praise and honor to God alone and no one else. And just think, Mary does not want our worship – she never did and she never will. Where in the Bible is it recorded that she went into the temple and said to all present: “Now, I want you all to bow down and worship me?” Its not recorded for a simple reason – it didn’t happen. No, instead we find Mary pointing meekly and humbly to her Son, Jesus Christ, and saying “Do whatever He tells you (John 2:5).” These are the last recorded words of Mary in the Bible. They sum up her life and they should sum up all of our lives as well.
  2. “Why do I have to go to Mary, can’t I go straight to Jesus?” O really! So in other words you’re saying: “Thanks Lord for your Mother, but no thanks. I can get to You just fine on my own.” Seriously? And for those of you who are concerned about using the Mary Map and getting lost on the way to Jesus I’ve got something for you – Mary does not obstruct the road to her Son. No, indeed she sweeps it clean. Consider that Mary is Our Lord’s Mother and First Disciple. For the thirty years before He started His public ministry, Our Lord was instructed not only by St. Joseph, but Holy Mary as well. For thirty years, she tended His scraped knees, cooked His meals and read His bedtime stories.

 Wow, wouldn’t you just love to get your hands on some of that expertise? Well you can, and very simply too. Just make Mary, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church your mother as well. For as St. Louis de Montfort says: “The way to Jesus is through Mary.”

So why not join me in this poem and prayer, penned by the great St. Bernard:

“When you follow her,

You will not go astray;

When you pray to her,

You will not despair;

When you think of her,

You will not err;

When she holds you up,

You will not fail;

When she protects you,

You will not fear;

When she leads you,

You will not be fatigued;

When she favors you,

You will arrive safely.

She keeps the devil

from hurting us;

She keeps our virtues

from escaping us;

She keeps our merits

from being destroyed;

She keeps our graces

from being lost.”

– St. Bernard

(Poem taken from Illustrated Book of Mary, ed. Fr. Michael Sullivan, P. 151)

 Thank you for joining me in prayer to honor our Mother and don’t forget to offer little acts of love to our Blessed Mother on this, her special day.

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