A graduation prayer.

8th grade graduation c. 1916 © GodAloneSufficeth.com, 2012

8th grade graduation c. 1916 © GodAloneSufficeth.com, 2012

 Alas, my poor abandoned blog! I apologize for my absence from cyberspace, I have been taking a sort of “retreat” from technology for the past couple of days.

 It is the time for Gradations, and on this Saturday – the day of the week dedicated to the Blessed Mother – I am going to share both some thoughts on how “graduation” applies to our spiritual life and a short prayer to Our Lady for wisdom for all students.

 As I mentioned above, this is “graduation time.” Last night, I had the honor of serving the 8th Grade Graduation Mass at the Basilica of Holy Hill for one of my family members. The Celebrant addressed his Homily to the graduating class and gave them some specific pointers, which I would like to share. In particular, I would like to share his thoughts on “graduation” in the spiritual life and “graduation” from this life into the next.

 As you all know, a graduation is not an end in and of itself. It is a portal – it signals the end of one period of study and the beginning of another. An 8th-grader graduates from middle-school to high-school. A high-school senior graduates from high-school to college, or perhaps a university, trade school or the work-force – and so on the cycle goes. As each period of study ends another begins. When we graduate, we are never really “done” as in the sense that there’s nothing more to do.

 Our spiritual life is structured similarly to the cycle of academic graduations. Just consider for a moment that as we live our life, we pass through various stages in our relationship with Our Lord. Regardless of our age or social status, when we start out in our life in Jesus Christ we can all safely compare it to a spiritual “pre-school” or “kindergarten.” Yet as we progress – sometimes slowly sometimes rapidly – we graduate from level to level (“school” to “school”) as our relationship with God deepens. Finally, if we have lived a life in unity with the commands and teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we “graduate” from this life here on Earth to Eternal Life in Heaven with our Master. Thus, for the man or woman of Faith, that is what death is – simply a “graduation.”

 Prayer to Our Lady for Wisdom

O Dearest Blessed Lady,

 “Please help me and all students from all stages in life as we study and grow deeper in our love with your Son – Jesus. Please especially grant a special wisdom to all of us who are graduating this year; whether it be from academic studies or in our relationship with Our Lord or from this passing life on Earth. Please give us the wisdom necessary to become the children – the sons and daughters which God created us to be. Thank you. Amen.”

Thank you for joining me in prayer to honor our Mother and don’t forget to offer little acts of love to our Blessed Mother on this, her special day.

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