Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

“My Mother, protect me with your scapular.” ©, 2012

Up here in the “Frozen Tundra Unfrozen” the WiFi is a bit spotty, so posting anything has been a little challenging. Even so, it has been good lesson for me to learn – take what God gives you without complaining.

As many of you are aware, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is soon approaching. I am currently discerning a vocation as a Discalsed Carmelite, so for me this particular feast is a lot like the Super Bowl – a Spiritual Super Bowl. In other words, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a really, really, really, really big deal. And just like the Super Bowl, my Spiritual Super Bowl takes quite a bit of prep. – nine days in all as a matter of fact. So that all of you may come to love the Blessed Mother, under the Title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as much as I do, I am going share the Novena I pray in preparation for this great feast.

Our Lady is revered and venerated under many titles. One of the more widely know of these is that of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Hopefully these poor words of mine will suffice as an explanation.

The Carmelites, who trace their spiritual heritage to the Prophet Elijah, honor Our Lady under the title, “Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” She is both their Mother and Sister and they are her “little brothers.” Atop Mount Carmel is a shrine dedicated to Our Lady. When the Carmelites were forced off of Mount Carmel, they took with them this filial devotion to Our Lady and the devotion to her garment, the Brown Scapular, to all the corners of the world.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s very garment, the Brown Scapular, carries the promise of safety from the fires of Hell. When Our Lady gave the Brown Scapular to St. Simon Stock, she promised that: “Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer the eternal fire.” Wow, Our Lady’s protection is so powerful! And Jesus Christ is so good to us as to give her to us as our Mother and Sister. Would you please be so kind as to join me, the Carmelites and all Our Lady’s “little brothers” as we give back to God our due thanksgiving in praying this Novena?

Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Most Beautiful Mother of God, Splendor of Heaven you bring fruitfulness to the earth and assist us in our needs. Star of the Sea, show yourself a mother to me. Let the healing rain of your comfort fall gently upon me. Hear my voice when I call. Mother of God, I place my cause in your hands.  Amen.

(My Prayer Book Regina Press)

Thank you for praying this novena with me. On July 16th, please attend the Mass for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at the Basilica of Holy Hill at 11 a.m. For more information about the Mass, the procession on the Vigil, or the Basilica, please visit .

Thank you. Honor Your Mother!!! Pack the Church, I will see you there!!!!

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Hello. My name is Ken. I have been discerning the Call for quite a long time, since I was knee high and my Grandpa took me to Holy Hill. I am particularly discerning a vocation as a Discalced Carmelite Friar. I hope this blog offers some assistance to you in discerning your own vocation. Please visit this blog often and journey with me as we all discover the call that God has given to each us.
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