To Our Lady, For Students

Our Lady of Studies ©, 2011-2012

Our Lady of Studies – Pray for Us ©, 2011-2012

Alas, the respite of Summer is drawing to a close and the time to head back to school comes upon us. We enjoyed our period rest and thank Our Lord for giving us this time to “calm down and catch our breath.” Now we start anew the process of learning, gaining wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Afresh, we embark upon the course of exercising the intellectual aptitudes which God gave unto us all.

School offers us not only the opportunities to grow in our own education, but also opportunities to reach out and demonstrate Christian Charity to others in ways which we would not have otherwise been compelled to over the summer. Whether it’s being understanding with a difficult classmate, or exercising self-control when we are unfairly criticized or patiently gutting through a class that makes no sense; we’re given many occasions to live our daily vocation to love.

So let us, on this Saturday, ask our dear Blessed Mother to be with us as we start a new school year. For thirty years, she and St. Joseph were Jesus’ prime educators at the home in Nazareth. “If the Blessed Mother is good enough for Jesus, she is good enough for us.” Let us, today, ask her to aid us in our upcoming trials and triumphs as students this year. Let us beseech Mary, as the Seat of Wisdom and the Mother of Good Counsel, to spread her mantle ‘round us and help us to persevere, so that we may always offer the best to Jesus, her Son.

This year I invited a dear friend to compose a prayer “to Our Lady, for Students.” By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, she did a beautiful job.Please join us in prayer:

To Our Lady, For Students

“Mother of Good Counsel,

Radiant Mother,

hear and answer me.”


“As I seek to fulfill my daily vocation to love

and search for truth in all things, help me also

to pursue wisdom and clarity of heart and mind.”


“Guide my thoughts as I study.

Teach me to grow in virtue through my education

and to persevere in my schoolwork.”


“Help me always to give the best of myself,

to offer up my struggles and frustrations for the needs of others,

and to give everything I do and say to the greater glory of God.”


“Seat of Wisdom,

Queen of angels,

Spouse of the Holy Spirit,

I implore you to wrap your mantle around me and to take my requests

for patience, understanding, knowledge and self-control

into your hands and direct them to your Son Jesus and my Father in heaven.” “Amen.”

                                              – A Fellow Student in Christ

Thank you for joining us in prayer, and please don’t forget to offer up little acts of love to our Blessed Mother in this, her special day.

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  1. John says:

    Wonderful prayer Ken! God bless you as you begin a new school year!

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