Prayer to Mary, the New Eve

Mary, the New Eve – Pray for Us! ©, 2011 -2012

Hello everyone, today is Saturday, the day of the week which, traditionally, the Church has dedicated to the Blessed Mother! This is also the Month of October, which the Church as also traditionally held as “Respect Life Month.” With all of the attacks against the sanctity of life strengthening and growing in number, I find it an appropriate time to pray for a greater respect for all human life – from conception to natural death. Who better to turn to than Mary, the Blessed Mother. She is the New Eve and the New Mother of the Living, precisely because she is the Mother of the Redeemer Jesus Christ, who is the Way and the Truth and the Life. Let us turn to her in this time of our great need!

Prayer to Mary, the New Eve.

Hail Mary, the New Eve, Mother of Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth and the Life, come swiftly to the aid of your children who now implore your assistance in this hour of our great need. Help us to faithfully accomplish the will of your Son.

Look kindly on all of your littlest infants, who’s lives are either prematurely ended or altogether prevented through abortion and artificial contraception. Please assist us as we try to eradicate these evils from our land and ensure that every child is welcomed safely into this world, both the “Planned” and the “Unplanned.”

Please gaze with charity on all of your children struggling to carry the burdens of extreme poverty and pain. Show us how to ease their sufferings and let them know that they too are loved dearly.

Also look with benignity on all the sick and elderly whose lives are impulsively robbed of them by euthanasia. Help us to instruct those who are carrying out this abhorrent evil, as a result of a misguided perception of “mercy.”  Help them to fully comprehend He is True Mercy.

In short, O Blessed Mother, help us to come to a greater respect and love for all human life, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. Whilst we live on this earth, give us the strength and wisdom to protect and cherish this Sacred gift of Life. Finally, when our earthly pilgrimage is completed, cradle us in your arms and guide safely to Heaven, where we will live and reign with Our Lord for the rest of all eternity. Amen.

Thank you for joining me in prayer, and please don’t forget to offer up little acts of love to our Blessed Mother in this, her special day.

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